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2 Reading for the Real World 3rd Book 3 Teacher's Guide. CONTENTS. Unit Overview iii. Unit 1. Reading 1: The Piltdown Man. 7. Reading 2: The Curse of the . Answers for Reading in the Real Word 1. Unit American Because information will be stored in places around the world instead of hard drives, and people. Reading in the real world and its correlates. SOLITARY INDIVIDUALS waiting for flights in an airport departure lounge were classified as either readers.

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Based on limited data, most patients were free from disability progression and clinical and radiological disease activity. Lymphocyte count reductions and liver enzyme increases were observed. Conclusion Fingolimod was effective in reducing the disease activity in relapsing—remitting multiple sclerosis patients requiring an escalation from first-line therapies who were prescribed fingolimod in clinical practice in the UK.

Clinical experience with fingolimod in daily practice would be helpful for physicians and other healthcare professionals caring for people with MS. The aim of this study is to determine the effectiveness and safety outcomes in patients with RRMS who were treated with fingolimod for 12 months in clinical practice in the UK. Methods Study design This study was a multicentre, observational, retrospective review of medical records from patients who were treated with fingolimod 0.

The study was discussed orally with the patients and patients provided verbal consent for the analysis of their medical records. The study protocol was reviewed and approved by the local ethics committee. Patients were included in the study if they were diagnosed with RRMS, according to the revised McDonald criteria , 16 at least 12 months before fingolimod initiation and were initiated on fingolimod at least 12 months before the date on which they were approached for study participation.

Patients were required to be under the care of the participating centre for at least 1 year before fingolimod initiation. In addition, patients who lacked the capacity to provide consent or were too unwell to be approached for consent were excluded from the study. Patients were divided into three subgroups based on the use of DMTs prior to fingolimod initiation: those who had received only one DMT, those who had received two or more DMTs, and those who received natalizumab.

Outcome measures The primary outcome measure was the proportion of patients free from relapses for 12 months after fingolimod initiation. Key secondary outcome measures included reduction in the annualised relapse rate ARR ; the proportion of patients free from disability progression at 12 months following fingolimod initiation, defined as an increase of one point on the sustained Expanded Disability Status Scale EDSS above baseline or 1. Data on variables describing the characteristics of patients who were prescribed fingolimod in clinical practice were obtained during the study.

In demographics, data on gender and age were collected. Baseline characteristics included reasons for initiating fingolimod and DMTs used prior to fingolimod, EDSS scores at 12 months prior to and during fingolimod initiation, the change in EDSS scores prior to the start of fingolimod initiation, and the duration of RRMS prior to fingolimod initiation.

Resource use was summarised for the period of 12 months prior to and the 12 months following fingolimod initiation by the number and type of hospital visits and the reasons for visits. Safety was evaluated by change from baseline in absolute lymphocyte counts ALCs and liver function tests. Ophthalmic evaluations were performed to assess macular oedema.

The proportion of patients receiving fingolimod at 12 months after initiation was also determined. According to the survey, both gamers and non-gamers spent the same amount of time doing different kinds of activities, like studying and exercising. Gamers did not spend all their time playing games. They did not spend all their time alone, either. Most of the.

For them, gaming was a social activity. These gamers were unlikely to commit violence against others. Finally, the survey found that just as many women as men played video games. According to this survey, at least, gaming has become a normal hobby, like any other, and as is the. B Choose the best answer according to the reading. What is the main idea of this reading? Gamers have similar personalities, likes and dislikes.

Gamers are not similar to each other. They dislike sports. They are often boring to other people. They frequently interact with other people.

An idea about gamers that is usually true An idea about gamers that is good to have An idea about gamers that is often too simple An idea about gamers that is wrong.

Why is it dangerous for gamers to think video games are the real world? Why do people think that gamers play computer games? Playing a game like Quake III allows people to have an imaginary battle, where they can shoot or destroy their opponents. This sort of game can be exciting for some. There seems to be a thrill that comes with fighting, especially when it is with other people on the Internet.

Other games provide a different world for the player to enter. These are called adventure games. The games may place a player in a different time or place or create an entirely imaginary world. A player may be able to win by fighting, using strategy, or solving puzzles, but the most important point is the different world of the game. Myst and Riven are two of the most famous. Some role-playing adventure games allow players to create new characters for themselves.

In the game, a player can be a hero, monster, or any number of other kinds of characters. Role-playing games are very popular, particularly on the Internet.

One of the most popular is Everquest. In this game, players join. They can play many different characters, making different names, abilities, and personalities for themselves.

The feeling in these games is like becoming a character in a book. There seems to be a game for just about every kind of personality. What are the advantages of playing video games? What are some problems that playing video games can cause? What are some health problems caused by too much body fat? How can you tell if someone is unhealthily fat? What do you think BMI is? Obese people are not just overweight. Such people are likely to suffer health problems because of their weight. The precise cause of obesity is not clear.

People need to understand what obesity is and how to tell if they themselves are obese so that they can change their condition. An obese person does not have to look extremely fat.

Even people who seem only slightly overweight can actually be considered obese. If a person has a certain. Most people still rely on their weight measurement to tell them if they are overweight or obese.

There are problems with this method, however. There are recommended. People have different body types, which can make weight measurements unreliable. For instance, athletes usually have more muscle mass than other people. Muscle weighs more than fat. Therefore, an athlete may weigh more than their recommended weight, but this does not mean. A more accurate measurement of body fat is needed. For men, a BMI of 24 to 27 is normal. For women, it is 23 to.

However, others feel that BMI is too general to be really useful. The numbers come from comparisons of large groups of people. BMI says nothing about a There are many different ways that BMI can be affected by body shape and size.

Muscular people may show a high BMI, even though they are perfectly healthy. Some people have higher bone density than others, which increases their weight. In some cases, those who have very low body fat and are also not muscular can have a BMI.

BMI is also unreliable for children and the elderly. Even supporters of BMI think that it should not be used for people under eighteen or over seventy years old.

Despite these criticisms, there are strong positive aspects of BMI. The main one is that it is very simple. The measurement can. It does not take special knowledge or equipment. Though BMI is a general measurement, it still gives useful information. At least, it can suggest that there might be a problem.

Furthermore, some studies have shown that people with higher BMI numbers have a higher risk of health problems. It takes only. It is always reliable. It does not require special equipment or skills. It is of limited use. We can plan a diet. We know how healthy we are. We can enjoy eating. When do we consider a person obese? S ummary Directions: An introductory sentence for a brief summary of the passage is provided below.

First Sentence: There are a couple different ways that people use to determine if a person has a healthy or unhealthy body weight. A muscular person weighs more because the density of muscles is greater than the density of fat.

According to a study, about 55 percent of Americans are considered to be obese. Despite the fact it is not precise, the BMI still gives a person useful information about her or his body. V ocabulary Extension Here are six words or phrases that are related to the topic but are not in the reading. Fill in each blank with the best word or phrase from the list. Use each word or phrase only once. Almost every person in her family is allergic to something.

Obesity can cause serious health problems. Many people are not aware of these problems, so they do not try to prevent the. One of the worst health problems caused by obesity is Type 2 diabetes.

One study found that about 80 percent of people with Type 2 diabetes are obese. People with diabetes do not have insulin in their bodies. Insulin helps the body to absorb, or take in, sugar. If the body cannot absorb sugar, several bad things. A person with diabetes can suffer from seizures losing control of the body or fall into a coma.

A number of other problems related to obesity have also been found.

Obesity can cause heart disease. Heart disease happens when the vessels that deliver blood to the heart become blocked. This makes it more likely that such. Furthermore, obesity causes problems with breathing, especially when sleeping. Obese people are at high risk for arthritis as well as certain kinds of. All of these problems, and others, can be prevented.

Of course, losing weight is very difficult. Changing a lifestyle is hard and often painful. Even so, the results of obesity are much worse. What method do you use to determine your body fat? Would you like to try the BMI? What do you think is the best way to lose weight? How often do you get headaches? When you get headaches, what do you do? Is there anything you can do to avoid headaches? But they are not just a problem for the person suffering from the headache.

They are a problem for society as well. Each year, millions. This is one of the reasons research into headaches has become a worldwide effort. Although he did not know much about how headaches work, Hippocrates. Before B. Hippocrates did not know it, but he was actually prescribing a natural chemical in willow bark called salicin. When a person eats salicin, the. This new form of the chemical was called acetylsalicylic acid, commonly known as aspirin today.

Aspirin was used throughout most of the s to treat headaches, but. When doctors know the cause of a disease, they can find better ways to treat it. Therefore, as medical technology developed, doctors began to use the technology to learn more about the human brain and about headaches. Currently, doctors classify headaches into two general types: On the other hand, a secondary headache is one caused by another condition.

For example, someone who catches the flu may suffer from headaches along with other symptoms of the illness. Flu headaches are thus secondary headaches. For primary headaches, doctors have determined three possible causes. One kind of primary headache is caused by stress.

Doctors usually call headaches of this kind tension headaches. Such headaches are characteristically felt on both sides of the head as a dull, steady pain.

Another kind of primary headache is the migraine headache. A migraine sufferer usually feels intense pain on one side of the head. The sufferer also becomes sensitive to light and noise.

If the migraine is severe, the sufferer may vomit repeatedly. The third kind of primary headache is known as the cluster headache. Cluster headaches typically occur around the same time each day for weeks or months at a time.

Doctors do not know much at present about cluster headaches, but they seem more common among men and could be related to alcohol or. Using computers and more advanced medical equipment, doctors continue to learn more about what happens in the brain before and during headaches. Especially in the case of migraines, some doctors believe they have found the part of the brain that sets off the reaction for severe attacks.

With this new insight into brain processes, doctors hope new ways will be discovered to disable headaches before they begin. What was the first treatment for headaches? How aspirin stops migraines How to make drugs less expensive How the brain develops in childhood How drugs can stop parts of the brain from reacting. Why are many scientists interested in finding out about headaches? How is a secondary headache different from a primary headache? Doctors have classified various kinds of primary headaches that people can suffer from.

Hippocrates was the first doctor to find a way to treat headaches. Tension headaches are when a person suffers a steady and dull pain on both sides of their head. Aspirin has been used for hundreds of years to treat a headache, but doctors had almost no insight about the actual causes of the condition.

When there is a reduced flow of blood to certain parts of the brain, doctors believe this sets off a migraine headache. My headache is so painful right now. Doctors have found that after treating a migraine sufferer with aspirin, the next migraine attack becomes. From brain research, doctors have learned that certain cells in parts of the brain release proteins during a migraine attack. By using a drug which acts like the natural chemical serotonin in the brain, the cells can be stopped from releasing protein.

This has the effect of blocking the migraine. Now drug companies are producing even better products developed from this idea. However, the most effective of these drugs must be taken as liquid and put directly into the bloodstream. The drug is not yet available as a pill. The above example is only one kind of medicine doctors have found useful in fighting migraines.

It also turns out that drugs used to fight depression work well to relieve migraines. And surprisingly, some migraine sufferers claim Botox. Botox is a chemical injected into the face for the purpose of removing wrinkles. Not all migraine sufferers are turning to medicine for help with their problem. Some of them use alternative remedies to fight migraines. For example, many people use yoga or meditation to. And in some cases, people know that certain foods or fluorescent lights trigger their migraines.

These people simply try to avoid things that set off migraine attacks. Was your last headache a primary or secondary headache? How did you treat it? Would you be willing to test a new headache drug that affects your brain activity? What is the high school dropout rate in your city? What are some reasons why a student may drop out of high school? What are some ways to decrease the number of high school dropouts?

Drugs - Real World Outcomes

Nobody seems to know with certainty, but statistics indicate it might be a lot more than most people think. Recent studies have found that. Previous studies had shown that 85 percent of all high school students graduated. The US now has the highest dropout rate of all industrialized countries. It is estimated that more than 1 million students drop out of high school every year, or 7, each school day.

According to one study, America is. The rising dropout rate has alarmed both educators and economists. In this age of advanced technology, education is more important than ever.

To get a good job, workers need to know how to read. They must be able to quickly. High school dropouts hurt not only themselves but also the American economy. A dropout has less spending money to help the economy and less to pay the. Because the government collects less tax money, it cannot pay as much to retired people who have worked hard their entire lives.

One report estimated that high school dropouts in one recent school year will cost the US almost. In addition, dropouts are more likely to get into trouble. They often rely on 4 10 12 12 15 16 Studies have shown that as much as 75 percent of all prisoners in the United States, for example, did not finish high school. Several cities have formed programs to help high school dropouts. More than 5, city dropouts have returned to the classroom since the program started in In Virginia, a private business has donated money to open two non-traditional.

And in Washington, D. Now there is a new national campaign to reduce American dropout rates. A group called the Promise Alliance is giving money to several states. It wants. Alliance leaders hope that all fifty states will have a plan in place by the year The campaign is funded by both businesses and philanthropic organizations.

It aims to unite government and business leaders with parents and educators. Promise Alliance. The mayor of which city visits homes of dropouts to persuade them to go back to school? Which of the following was NOT a statistic in the reading passage for the number of high school dropouts recorded in the United States?

Which of the following groups was NOT mentioned in the new campaign of working together? Why is getting an education important? Why is the rising high school dropout rate bad for the economy? S ummary Fill in the blanks in the table with the sentences below according to the category they belong to. Use each sentence only once. High School Dropouts Problems. Businesses and philanthropic organizations are funding campaigns to increase graduation rates. High school dropouts put a strain on the economy.

Recent studies state that barely half of the students in the fifty largest cities in the United States graduate from high school. High school dropouts also hurt their chance of getting a good job. Promise Alliance is giving money to several states for them to develop their own plans to decrease the number of high school dropouts. Because he was always absent for class, the teacher decided to fail him. Statistical numbers reveal facts that appear to be true but, in reality, mask a.

Many researchers think this is the case with dropout statistics. National high school dropout rates are difficult to accurately determine for several reasons. First, each state records dropouts differently. There is no national standard for what. Others do not finish high school but later take a special test and receive a General Education Diploma, or GED, which is equivalent to a high school diploma.

Statistical discrepancies can cause confusion. For example, several studies have recently claimed that the US high school dropout rate is about 25 percent. How can the statistics be so different?

Which ones are more correct? The answers are not clear, and researchers add to the confusion by arguing. The validity of statistics depends on how they are calculated. They give us a picture of a situation, but the picture is not always accurate. Do you think that it is OK to use deceiving statistics if it is for a good cause?

Think of an example of a misleading statistic that an individual or organization has used.

What was the purpose of them doing so? Where Are All the Boys? Pre-Reading Questions Think about the following questions. What percentage of the students at your school are women? Which majors do men usually choose? Which majors do women choose? What kinds of jobs do men do if they do not attend university?

Women now make up 55 percent of the college populationand that number. Thirty years ago, male students were the majority on college campuses in the United States. Traditionally, men acted as the breadwinners of their families, and college was seen as the path to career advancement and higher salaries. But during the feminist movements of the s, more women aspired to having. By the mids, more women than men were attending college.

At the same time, there was an unexpected decline in the number of males applying to college. Educators are still uncertain of the cause of this decline, but it continues to affect enrollment numbers for men in higher education. Researchers have suggested a number of theories to account for. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, males leave or are kicked out of high school in higher numbers than females.

And male students are three times more likely to be placed in special education programs. Author Christina Hoff Sommers attributes the drop in male enrollment to early stereotyping.

Others believe the drop in male enrollment can be. These are careers that. The effect of there being more women than men at And at graduation time, one may notice a difference in what types of university degrees are.

There are still fewer women in fields such as math, engineering, science,. To increase male enrollment, some schools have formed partnerships with male mentoring groups to encourage younger students to aim for college.

Other schools have modified. However, public universities may face legal challenges from women about these recruiting practices that favor males. Recently, the University of Georgia lost a lawsuit filed by female students because of an affirmative action policy that.

How can a school attempt to close the gender gap in ways that ensure that both men and women have equal access to opportunities in universities? Which is NOT a reason suggested for the decline in the number of men in colleges?

It describes laws related to education. It focuses on boys.

Reading for the Real World 1-ISSUU PDF Downloader

It looks at the progress girls have made. It tells about her experience in school. They enjoy studying. They cause less trouble than the females. They get better marks than the females. They get into more trouble than the females. What ways have schools tried to increase male enrollment?

Why have some universities had legal problems with their recruiting policies? There is a higher number of males who leave or are kicked out of high school compared to females. Some researchers attribute the decline to discrimination against boys in high school.

The growing number of women has led to more diverse courses at university. University administrators have instituted policies that encourage more men to enroll. Universities now face the dilemma of how to recruit more boys while at the same time ensuring equal opportunity to girls at universities.

When students apply, universities need a reliable way to assess their English skills. Most universities use a test called. Test of English for International Communication.

This test measures English listening, reading, writing, and speaking. But is it a true indicator of English ability? Many people. They often spend several years and lots of money studying for it. When universities and.

As soon as the high scorers begin studying or working, however, it quickly becomes apparent that they do not. They have learned how to pass English tests but do not know how to use English in everyday life. This causes frustration for both the English learners and the teachers or bosses who must work with them. What are the advantages and disadvantages of English being the dominant global language? In what ways do humans cause damage to the planet?

Do you think that humans are in danger of becoming extinct? What are some things we can do to help prevent the extinction of a species? Though most have become extinct slowly, some have been almost completely wiped out in a sudden, massive,. The first mass extinction occurred about million years ago, when sudden changes in sea level, caused by melting glaciers, killed most marine species.

The most recent mass extinction was 65 million years ago, when most scientists believe an asteroid struck the Earth in Mexico and extinguished the dinosaurs. This extinction is not.

Edward O. Wilson, a Harvard University scientist, estimates that human harm will cause half of all species of life to be extinct by Scientists say that human activities are causing biological extinction at a rate hundreds of Humans cause damage to the Earth in three primary ways. The first is exploitation. Humans hunt animals for food, clothing, and sometimes just for fun.

They also collect plants and insectssuch as butterfliesfor. The second way humans impact the Earth is by putting alien plant or animal species in new environments. Nile perch like to eat other fish. Since they came, more than. The third way humans cause damage is by destroying.

They clear trees from forests to build houses, farms, cities, and roads. One of the most terrible instances of habitat destructions is the cutting Human activity has had a devastating effect on the natural environment. Scientists say life on Earth would be grim. There would not be enough food to eat, and water. New species of pests and plants would invade the natural areas that remain.

These invaders could carry new kinds of germs, causing diseases that human bodies cannot resist. Without plants to help cool the sun, the ice at the North and South Poles could melt, causing sea levels to rise and wash away coastal cities.

By wiping out other species, human beings might be paving. How many ways does the reading passage indicate that humans harm the environment? Why are rainforests important to the planet? How can mass extinction of living species lead to the extinction of humans?

Title: Reading for the Real World 1

Scientists think that dinosaurs existed on Earth for almost million years. How could these great beasts, some of which. The most popular theory is that dinosaurs were killed off when an asteroid crashed into southern Mexico.

Volcanoes erupted, spewing poisonous gases into the sky and lowering the oxygen level in the oceans. Plants died, removing the food source for plant-eating dinosaurs. As these dinosaurs died, there was no food for. In a short period of time, the dinosaurs were gone, and the first mammals began to appear. The planet was cooling, and the colder temperatures were likely killing plants. Some scientists claim that mammals already. We may never know for certain what caused the extinction of dinosaurs.

But it was most likely the result of a combination of the asteroid, colder climates, disease,. Scientists generally agree that the Earth is currently in a warming phase. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of global warming?

What are some other ways that humans could face extinction? How can these possible extinction scenarios be prevented? What produces greenhouse gases? Why is the greenhouse effect bad? Is the yearly rate of air pollution in your country now better or worse than the rate in ?

However, some of this heat is trapped by gases in the atmosphere. The trapped heat. However, some scientists are now predicting that higher levels of certain greenhouse gases are causing temperatures to rise beyond natural limits.

Since the beginning of the industrial age, carbon dioxide CO2 has been. CO2 is considered the major cause of global warming on Earth.

Additionally, several man-made gases are also thought to contribute to the greenhouse effect, namely chlorofluorocarbons. Researchers have estimated that the atmospheric concentration of CO2 has increased by at least 30 percent since the s. Industrial processes have also led to a percent increase in CH4, and 15 percent increase in N2O in the atmosphere. The buildup of these gases is believed to be the major cause of higher than.

In December , at a United Nations. The so-called Kyoto Protocol called for reducing emissions The Protocol was signed by 38 industrialized countries attending the summit.

Developing nations attending the summit were not required to adhere to the guidelines of the Protocol. The 15 EU nations at the summit agreed to further reduce emissions. The US officially signed the Protocol on November 12, , but the US president then did not send it to the Senate to officially approve the treaty because he knew there was little hope for its approval at that time.

When the next president took office in , the new administration openly opposed the. The Bush administration claimed the standards set in the Protocol were unfair to developed countries. Australia also rejected the Kyoto Protocol on the basis that the UN predictions of industrial growth and thus future greenhouse emissions were improbable.

Even with the predictions of the Protocol called into question, many. In July , delegates met again in Bonn, Germany, to discuss the Protocol. At the Bonn meeting, the delegates agreed, despite opposition from US representatives, on setting guidelines and timetables for achieving the reductions set in the Kyoto Protocol. Africa, Russia indicated it would soon officially approve the Kyoto Protocol. It has lots of plants growing in it. It is full of gases that are not good to breathe.

It lets in light and traps heat. It stays one temperature all year round. The US congress has asked the president to approve the Protocol. The US does not plan to follow the Protocol. The US has already met the standards set by the Protocol. The US is a strong supporter of the Kyoto Protocol. What did the Kyoto Protocol call for? What was decided at the summit in Bonn, Germany?

S ummary Fill in the blanks with phrases from the list. Developing nations such as China and India are exempt from meeting. More than countries have already ratified the Protocol, but all of these countries only represent 43 percent of the emission levels from The way the plan works is that industries first set a limit, or cap, on emission levels for the industry. Industries such as oil and gas producers,.

New industries that would produce emissions must then download or trade with existing industries to keep the national emissions within limits. Supporters of the Kyoto Protocol were hopeful that Russia would ratify the agreement in However, Russia decided to postpone its ratification.

One of the reasons Russia was originally interested in signing the Protocol was that they were already well below emission levels. This meant if they took part in the agreement, they would have plenty. However, since the US is not participating, Russia is hesitant to sign the agreement. With the absence of the US, there appears to be less of a market for the Russian emissions credits. If you were a government head, would you approve the Kyoto Protocol? Are you personally doing anything to decrease the amount of pollution?

If yes, what are you doing? Is the death penalty still used in your country? If not, when was it stopped? In the past, which crimes could bring the death penalty in the United States? How were people usually put to death in the past? America, people who were found guilty of murder and rape were routinely executed, either by hanging or by a firing squad. Convicted burglars, thieves, and even counterfeiters often received the death penalty.

This was thought to be a deterrent to other criminals. People began to feel that criminals were not evil. Instead, they were victims of. Society should help criminals, rather than kill them, they thought.

Another reason for the change in thinking was economic. Prisons were very expensive. Early American states could not afford to keep many people in prison. Rather than keep them in prison, convicted criminals were executed. But as society became richer during the Industrial Revolution,. Because of this and other reasons, keeping criminals in prison rather than executing them became a viable option. By the mids, many states banned the death penalty except in the case of convicted murderers.

But those states were mostly the northern states. The southern states kept the death penalty for many crimes. That trend continues in. Even today, most executions happen in the southern states. The southern states are considered more conservative than northern states.

In the southern states today, death by injection is. It is considered the most humane form of the death penalty. In the last few years in America, the debate over the death penalty has grown more widespread. A recent argument against the death New methods of verifying evidence, such as DNA testing, have helped free many death-row inmates.

Because in many cases, criminals cannot be proven percent guilty, it is not right to sentence them to death,. There is a chance that they may be innocent. In fact, the governor of Illinois recently halted all executions in his state. In Illinois, some death-row inmates were shown later to be innocent of the crime for which they were imprisoned. After that, the governor was afraid that some people being executed were.

Another argument against the death penalty is the high cost of executing a prisoner. Someone sentenced to die has the right to appeal the sentence several times. The state has to defend its case each time before a higher court.

Despite the often-heated national debate, the majority of Americans are still in favor of the death penalty. According to a recent study, approximately 65 percent of Americans still believe that the death penalty is appropriate for crimes such as first-degree murder. In cases of mass murder, the percentage in favor of capital punishment is even. More than 80 percent of Americans wanted the death penalty given to Timothy McVeigh, the man who killed hundreds in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Which was a reason for the use of the death penalty during the early s? Executions were a kind of entertainment. People were very religious.

American states were poor. The states could not control the criminals. To give DNA tests to all death-row inmates To keep innocent people from dying To save money for the state To win support for his re-election. Today, why do most executions happen in the southern states? Why is it expensive to sentence a person to death? S ummary Fill in the blanks with the words or phrases from the list.

This is a question that American people and their courts have struggled with for many years. However, in recent years, it seems that the majority of Americans have come closer to agreement on the issue. Many people now think that putting mentally challenged people to death.

Daryl Atkins had an IQ of fifty-nine. In the late s, Atkins was found guilty of killing a person and was given the death penalty in Virginia. His case was appealed all the way up to the Supreme Court. In , the court ruled that. Atkins and other mentally challenged persons may not be executed. This decision opposed a Supreme Court decision that said mentally challenged persons may be executed.

Since , approximately thirty-five mentally challenged people have been executed in the United States. In the decision, the court said that the nation had come to a consensus against executing the mentally challenged. They said it is unfair to execute someone who cannot fully understand how bad their actions were.

Do you agree with the death penalty? In your opinion, what people should be exempt from the death penalty? What happens to criminals who escape to other countries or cities? Besides police, what other people can catch criminals? Have you ever gotten money for returning something that was lost? Skips are people who either escape from police custody or never show up.

Sometimes, criminals who run away from the. In these cases, the police may offer a special reward, or bounty, for anyone who helps to capture the fugitives.

This is where the term, bounty hunter, comes from. Bounty hunters are not. They are paid to go after and capture criminals that the police are unable to find or are unable to capture. Sometimes the bounty, or reward, is small, just a few thousand dollars. Other times, however, the reward can be quite large, up to several million dollars. For example, in , the. United States put a twenty-five-million-dollar bounty out for Osama Bin Laden.

Title: Reading for the Real World 1

If a bounty hunter were to find and capture Osama Bin Laden, he or she would become a very rich person. Bounty hunters operate outside of jurisdictions, or boundaries, which means that they can go anywhere to catch a criminal while most police cannot. For example, a police officer in New York cannot go to California to follow a suspected criminal. He or she must wait until the police in California catch the. In most cases, if the crime that a person is suspected of is relatively minor, or small, the police may not spend the time and money to chase the person.

However, if the person is wanted for a This is where bounty hunters come in. Is bounty hunting legal? The answer is both yes and no. For many situations in the US and Canada, if someone commits a minor crime, he or she can pay some money to the court and stay out of jail until the court date; this money is called bail.

If the person goes to court on the appointed date, then they get. If they miss the court appointment, then they lose the money and must go to jail for a longer time if they are caught by the police or a bounty hunter. Many states also allow bounty hunters who have special licenses to go after dangerous criminals called felons, but some do not allow this at all. Illinois, Kentucky, and Oregon have laws against bounty hunting, while California only allows it up to days after the skip flees.

Interestingly enough, in the states that allow bounty hunting, people are allowed to break the law in order to catch a fugitive. What information is probably important for bounty hunters to know? The law in different states Exchange rates for money in different countries The names of important police officers How to break the law. The money bounty hunters collect The money criminals steal The money the police offer for reward The money given to the court.

How do bounty hunters get paid? Next time, they will take away his license. Mackenzie Green is a woman and a very well-respected bounty hunter. In fact,. She relies more on her brain than on physical strength. This means that she trusts her feelings about people and situations to figure out if they are telling her the truth or if they are trying to hide something. This means that violence always leads to more violence. She prefers to use good people skills to get people to trust her.

Then, when they least expect it, she arrests them. A person also must be part detective to track down the skips, part lawyer to know what the different. A person must also be patient and lucky. Do you think bounty hunting is a dangerous, exciting or difficult job? If you were a bounty hunter, what kind of equipment or techniques would you use? What is Martin Luther King, Jr. When did he live? When did he die? But one hundred years later, we must face the tragic fact that the Negro is still not free.

One hundred years later,. When the creators of our vast republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were making a promise to all of their children. This promise was that all men would be guaranteed the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is clear today that America has not kept her promise as far as her citizens of color are concerned.

Nineteen sixty-three is not an end, but a beginning.

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